Tooth Fairy Scrapbooking Page Idea

Well, this was a happy day for my oldest son, he couldn’t wait to loose his first tooth,  and that day finally came a few weeks after his 6th birthday.!!! A proud moment  for mother and son!!!!

This is the page I added to my son’s album so we can remember and cherish this moment for years to come.


Pregnancy Baby Announcement Scrapbooking Page Idea

This is an exciting time, when you find out that you are expecting a bundle of joy… either a surprise or expecting , from #1, to #3 in our case, here are my announcement pages that I have added to my son’s album’s.





First day of School – Scrapbooking Page Idea layouts

Here is a page I would like t share – I finished my sons album from 1-5 years of age and ended it with his first day in Kindergarten!

A special day – I look at those pages and still get goose bumps from the thought of my little boy going on the big yellow bus for the first time, I was so proud yet so sad all at once, the emotions were AMAZING! But his smile and happiness was priceless, he was so proud – what a big boy!


Hope you enjoy and  happy cropin!


Wedding Scrapbooking Page Layouts

well, wedding season is officially here and since I just finished my wedding album tonight,  I  got married April 21, 2012…. thought I’d post some of my layout ideas.


Happy Cropping!

Baby Announcement Layout Ideas

What an exciting moment this is! You just gave birth to a fresh new baby boy or girl!!! of course you want to announce it to the whole world but how…

well I found this website that I found absolutely amazing and unique, it’s easy and quick and you can either print and send or email them and add music to the announcement!
Send photo baby announcements with Smilebox.


You can also make your own cards of course, traditional cards make for very unique cards, but with a new baby , it’s more difficult to make.

I suggest trying digital, I use Creative memories, Storybook 3.0 – Here is one example that I find absolutely beautiful:



I would love to see some of your ideas on this!!!

Happy Cropping!